from by AHNA



From across the sea
He finds a land to claim his own
Plagued, rotting from disease
Soon he finds he's not alone
Making laws to protect himself
And punish opposition
Exploiting every resource
To the point of extinction
To disrespect and decimate the land is not enough
He must force a fate of hell on earth
On the host of the stolen nation

Imprisoned in concentration camps
Or reservations
Denied any legal rights
Stolen human freedom
Made legal ward of state
Whose goal is annihiliation
Children abducted and given to
Sadists with no conscience
Destroying the culture, people, land,
Mass manipulation
These men who come with the word of god
Act under a guise
To infect the young with disease
Just to watch them die
The sterilization of little girls
So the genes can't carry on
Death camps disguised as schools
Funded by the masses
Before you shake the preacher's hand
Ask yourself where it's been
Erecting crosses on stolen land

A church
To occupy
The land
You colonized
Each cross
A tombstone
With the name
Of a proud
That are lost


from EMPIRE 12" (2012), released September 18, 2012



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